Get the funding and financial support that you need to pay for your educational, academic and housing expenses. Get the details and the information that you need for student loans, federal stafford loans, Parent PLUS loans and direct student loans from private funding sources. More about student loans >>>

Student Loan Consolidation can significantly lower your monthly loan payment by extending the duration of your loans.

Through the KapLoan program, you can receive information about federal and private loan programs, such as eligibility, rates, terms, and the required forms. A thorough review of your student loan application to aid in accuracy and help eliminate delays due to missing and/or incorrect information. Helpful for Stafford and PLUS borrowers.

When you apply now, you can lock in the lowest interest rates in the history of the Federal student loan program!

Financial Services for College Graduates

You've graduated college an earned your degree but you may be dragged down by massive debt. Now it's time to make a smart financial maneuver and save yourself lots of money each month by consolidating your student loans.

Summary of Student Loan Consolidation:
Student Loan Consolidation is a financial service that can significantly lower your monthly payment by lengthening the term of your loans with no prepayment penalties. Apply now and lock down the lowest interest rates ever offered by the student loan program. Consolidation is free, easy to manage and doesn't require a credit check.

Benefits of Consolidating Your Student Loans
When you consolidate your loans you can reduce your interest rate by an additional 1.25%.

  • To start saving money faster, borrowers can complete the entire application process online with a pin-less electronic signature.

College Grants and Scholarships:

If you are looking for free money to help pay for your school expenses, then try searching the directory with over half a million College Scholarships. It is easy to search and to find out the requirements for each scholarship or grant being offered. There are scholarships based on minority background, academic excellence, sports excellence, college major and many other factors.

The Kaplan Student Loan Information Program can help you get information and advice on how to meet the cost of school. The KapLoan program can direct you to the financing you need to reach your educational goals. The KapLoan program provides FREE information and services to help you complete the financial aid process. Our experts can walk you through the financial aid process, answer questions, and even take student loan applications over the phone. Note: Kaplan is not a lender and does not participate in determinations of loan eligibility.

Recent graduates can save even more!
If you have just graduated you should consolidate your loans as soon as possible!

Consolidate your student loans today before it's too late!
Federal student loan interest rates are near the all-time low rates. Student loan consolidation helps you to take advantage of these low, low lending rates.

Student loan consolidation service is a FREE govt program that does not require a credit check. 

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Consolidate Your Outstanding Student Loans Now!

Easy 10 Minute Process with Online E-signature

Get a fixed interest rate as low as 1.625%

Combine your educational loans into one easy, monthly payment.



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A short phone call with a Financial aid loan counselor will tell if you are eligible for a Federal Student Loan Consolidation.